Pancakes Anyone?

Nothing like a weekend off for Peace and Oh Dear!

I was mistaken in thinking that this weekend would prove to be slow on news and boy was I surprised when I stopped by some Twitter feeds to see what was occurring.

Seems yesterday was Gary Steele’s birthday although there was a little debate about his age being a sprite 23. Don’t worry Gary we can keep your secret.  The lovely Terry invited Gary over to her new country house for a slap up birthday meal that even TV Chef Gordon Ramsey would say was F* Fantastic! Oi!  Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

WOW! that looks amazing!

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That is so sweet and I’m sure he enjoyed it very much.  When asked about the birthday meal on Twitter, Terry posted this:

“Sent @jongarysteele off full of bday goodies. Finished him off with buttermilk pancakes…”


Is this Lallybroch version of Arsenic and Old Lace? Death by Pancakes?

Is Ron down in the cellar thinking he’s Thomas Telford, digging locks for  the Caledonian Canal, whilst Terry and Geillis are upstairs whipping up their famous pancake batter?

Does that buttermilk pancake recipe include elderberries, 1 tsp of arsenic, 1/2 tsp of strychnine and just a pinch of cyanide?

Now that’s a batch of pancakes even Geillis Duncan would be proud of!

Don’t worry! We’re just pulling your leg!  Gary is still very much alive and kicking!  But, just so we know for sure, can you please check in on Twitter? LOL

Earlier today I stopped by my mate Bryan Larkin’s Twitter feed to see what he was up to. Here’s what Bryan Tweeted:

“Is the kilt mightier than the sword generally speaking?”

Let’s explore the possibilities.  In an outright Smackdown a sword would win by a mile but a kilt has the power to make women swoon just at first glance. Especially when worn by a silver backed alpha male who eats his steak raw! So which is mightier? I think we all know the answer to that one!

Photo from 21st Century Kilts!

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from our favourite @boogaloochip AKA Grant O’Rourke. Wait, what did you say? No Chimp?  He seems to have retired the chimp and packed him off to Largos and is now using his real name!  #bringbackthechimp  Ok, let’s see what Grant has been tweeting.

“Seeing as it’s Ragnarok today I’m making ribs.”

Apparently the end is near again!  I was completely unaware that it was time for the Vikings to come on a rape and pillage apocalypse!  Who’s bringing the beer?  Which brings me to an old Scottish saying that would be completely appropriate to use in a “we’re all going to die” scenario.

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Grant also tweeted this picture.

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I say being a Kilt Walker is better than being a White Walker!

In all seriousness, Grant has entered the Kilt Walk for Charity.  If you would like to sponsor Grant and Kiera’s team in a 26 mile walk for Scottish Children’s Charities, just visit their website on the link below.

Let’s give them a BIG HUGE AMOUNT of  Outlander support and love!

Good Luck Guys!

And that’s all Folks!


There Goes the Neighbourhood!

Oh the humanity!

While I was out earning my pennies in the bowels of a former stately home complete with bats and cave spiders, but I digress…. Outlanderville descended into Chaos! When I arrived home, I signed on to Twitter to see what everyone was up to and I was shocked to find this.

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Who are these blokes with bags on their bonces?  Some say when they slow down, brake lights shine out their bottoms. Some say they turned down the job of extras in Outlander because their faces were too recognizable. Some say they aren’t allowed within 100 meters of a Krispy Kreme Donut Shop. Some say their names are Bilbo BAGgins, BAGger Vance, Hacky SACK, Ran SACK and Ruck SACK.  All I know is they are the UNIT DRIVERS.  You didn’t fool me one lick!

Hey! Do any of you guys happen to play SACKbut or BAGPipes?  Just askin…..

Donut Dash III

Later on Finnie tweeted this photo

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I have no idea who that is…….

Donut Dash III

Moving on. Earlier Heughan tweeted this:

“Trailer-mania!!!!!  #moreCoffeeCouldBeDangerous”

Now, I don’t know about you but I think our Sam may be BReaking BAd. Is that a Trimethylxanthine (caffeine) lab in that bullet riddled trailer?

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I wouldn’t worry about it though, HE’s not doing anything illegal. BEsides, when you mESs with our HEughan, you mess with the whole OutLAnder TrAIler Park!

Keep CAlm and Brew On!


Sam also tweeted:

“We decided to enter an #Outlander Curling team in the next Olympics. We’ve got our own brushes too!”

Well there’s nothing sexier than a man with a broom in his hand but curling in Kilts presents a few issues.

It’s like suggesting that we combine Chinese New Year with Burn’s Night, calling it Chinese Burns Night. You can’t twist my arm on that one!

And last but not least…

Apparently it was Cupcake Friday on the set today. Yum! That’s a beautiful bit of cake.

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Did you know that if you lick the icing off a cupcake, it becomes a muffin. Muffins are healthy.

You’re Welcome!

Is It Hot in Here or is it Just My Latte?

I’m having a little Deja Brew today

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Has anyone tried the Jamie Fraser Ginger Spice Whisky Latte?

Always remember that a Yawn is just a silent scream for more coffee!!

Soooooo Fill er up!


Well it’s a good thing there wasn’t a Black Jack Randall or Laoghaire McKenzie face in my latte today! Word has it that they’ve both made Twitter accounts now.  Earlier, I stopped by to see what they were up to,  it seems BJR is attempting to do some image tweaking (I said tweaking not twerking!).

Only 3 reviews! Oh please. Looks like someone is telling some Porkie Pies

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It seems this 18th century Scoundrel has learned 21st century technology!

Oh, and don’t fall for his Pick Up Lines either

“Does this rag smell like chloroform to you?”

“Hi, I have big feet!”

snowflake banner.jpg

 “Leg Hair” Mckenzie posted this little morsel on her Twitter Page

“Insane ramblings of toad faced women jealous of my beautiful face and stunning form”


 Be careful guys, her bitch switch is in the ON position!

snowflake banner.jpg

I don’t know about you but I think Unit Drivers don’t get any more awesome than this! If they were any more Awesome they would create a Black Hole of Awesomeness that no Awesomeness would ever escape!

 Here they are posing for a picture in their new <cough> hats just before Christmas.

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The Plaid Avengers Rule! But there was one obvious thing missing. They didn’t have their own crest and motto to go with their new headgear!

So here you go guys!

Veni Vidi Voro 1


snowflake banner.jpg

They say, Sweet Dreams are made of Cheese, so who am I do dis a Brie?

But apparently they are made of Sweets too.

Have a look at the Unit Drivers latest henge creations!

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and last but not least….. BONE HENGE!

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Being eaten by Luna! awwww isn’t she cute!

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Please join me in a BIG Outlander Roundup Welcome to my mate Bryan Larkin!  Ok, he’s not actually a mate but we ARE mutual stalkers on Twitter!  That counts for something, doesn’t it? Anyway, Bryan is going to be playing accident prone Geordie in Outlander.  I don’t know about you but I think Bryan is too fine to be killed off!

Let’s see what Bryan’s been tweeting this week. “I love the smell of fresh fox in the morning.”.  Yikes! just as long as you don’t stop drop and roll in it mate!

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snowflake banner.jpg

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A man may kiss his wife goodbye, The rose may kiss the butterfly, The wine may kiss the frosted glass, And you, my friends, may kiss my ….


snowflake banner.jpg

I’ve been feeling under the weather, so this is going to be a short roundup but I do want to give a BIG shout out to Graham McTavish xx.

Your tweet made my day!


More to come!!

And it Begins….

There have been some amazing photos being posted in the last week. Some sneak peeks at the sets, costumes and Outlanders socializing with Herself. And no photo would be complete without a caption.  Let’s have a look….

Overheard at the cocktail party….

“Ok, but if you ‘Get Along Little Dogie’ then wouldn’t you just have a dachshund?”

Good Point!

He may be the King but he isn’t the King of Men and  besides I’m Queen here! <g>

The Cruel Shoes…

Just tap your heels together 3 times and say “There’s no place like…” My bad, wrong film.

Overheard whilst waiting on the set….

“Yes that would be true in theory but if our knees bent the other way we wouldn’t be able to ride a horse.”

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“Hmmmm but how can I get the Spice Girls into the stew…”

If you think there’s nothing cooler than a Drumline in Kilts and let’s face it that’s pretty cool…

You can never be cooler than Darth Vader in a Kilt, riding a unicycle, playing the bagpipes!

Just a quickie today!!  More to come!

Lights, Camera, Huh?

It’s been extremely busy on the Outlander Set since filming resumed this week!

I’ve been having a mooch around and I was surprised to find that the overriding sentiment seems to be Good Dog! Well Done!

How Sweet!! The Outlander Canine Crew has increased by Three since the break and there is a bad case of Puppy Love going around.  I’ve been told that The Top Dog Ginger Jasper is not amused by the youngsters but don’t worry. we still know who’s boss!

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Terry and Ron’s new puppy

Embedded image permalink

Here’s Proud Dad Ron with the new puppy! They both look so tired. It’s been Warp Speed Ahead since Ron landed on Saturday and changing time zones so much isn’t easy. Good to see he’s had a chance to put his feet up and have a cuddle with the new fur baby.  There was a lot of speculation about what this little boy would be named but Terry waited till Ron flew in to decide. Last night it was announced that the wee little lad would be called Master Cuilean Tiberius Moore. Cuilean means puppy in Scottish Gaelic and Tiberius from Star Trek. Love it!

During the break, Unit Driver Kenny was on the hunt for a fur baby for his household too. Inspired by the most adorable Ginger Cocker Spaniel ever, Kenny welcomed Luna into his clan. Awww isn’t she sweet! Kenny says that looks can be deceiving! LOL Well puppies will be puppies.


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I was also reminded about another little pup that joined the Outlander family just before Christmas!  How could I forget Fred! He’s  Jon Maskell’s  bundle of cuteness and the Camera Crew’s mascot.

I don’t know how anybody gets any work done with all this cuteness everywhere! And the ears! I love the ears!

Puppy treats are on their way!

Can’t wait for a group shot with Jasper, Cuilean, Luna and Fred .

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Earlier in the week Herself made the journey to Scotland for press and to film her much anticipated cameo. Diana tweeted that she had two lines to learn and we can’t wait to see and hear it! I mean, she’s the woman who created all this!

 Hair and Makeup!

2014-02-06 15.48.33

She also enjoyed meeting the production staff and enjoyed a lovely night out with Maril, Karen, Herself and The Matt Roberts

2014-02-06 15.47.52

Since DG’s appearance in Scotland, strange things have been happening all over the region.

This just in from Victoria Cox:

Bus shelter in Inverness is found to be a portal in time. Bewildered highlanders traveled 220 years into the future.

Embedded image permalink

Looks as if they were on their way to Culloden when they were transported through time. In order to make the best of things, they signed up to be extras in Outlander but the bus seems to be late. Poor guys! Hey DG, can you write them back into their own century?

The Unit Drivers have been busy this week making sure they are the first in line for lunch and planning their new Calendar shoot. After their announcement on Twitter last night, we all concurred that the photos should definitely include Donuts, Cheese and kilts, but it looks like they’ve got other ideas.

Embedded image permalink

Andrew: Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Kenny: Yeah but I think next time, you should wear the TuTu.

That’s definitely going to be a Nut Cracker!

Since the 18th Century has a considerable lack of Hot Tubs, Dave was heard shouting,

“You fill the horse trough and I’ll get the Alka Seltzer and Candles!”

larger image available

YIKE! What happens in the Hot Tub, Stays in the Hot Tub!

And…. if we didn’t have ears, we’d look like weasels and most importantly, we’d have no where to hang the Christmas Ornaments!

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December, Nailed it!!

Good luck with your calendar and let us know how you’re getting on!

This just in from Caitriona Balfe. Hope you’re nose isn’t so cold now!

Seems that Sam’s makeup bag is considerably bigger than hers!

Embedded image permalink

Yeah, but can he travel through time? I think not!

A few days ago Sam posted this photo on InstaGram. Seems he put washing up liquid in the dishwasher! Oh Sam LOL don’t beat yourself up over it. And at least it didn’t flood the whole kitchen with bubbles like the time my father did it. Yes, my father the Mechanical Engineer Brainbox who can do Algebra in his head and designed Jet Engines. Seems physics was his strong point, not chemistry.  We all have things we are better at than others!

2014-02-06 15.46.52

And last but not least, I have no idea what this is….

2014-01-31 11.14.57

That’s Gotta Hurt!

Queen of the Stoneage

Through the Stones

Unfortunately, my venture through the stones did NOT take me back to 18 century Scotland and into the arms of a gallant warrior. Instead, I was thrust back into the Stone Age and was taken in by Grogg son of Ugh and his Hunter Gatherer family who recently decided to settle down and farm instead moving from place to place. The times, they are a changing.

When I arrived, I was nearly trampled by a Mammoth who was swiftly taken down by a band of cavemen with spears. They looked at me, circling me, grunting and gesturing and when one of them said something that sounded like, “can we eat it?”, I started to get nervous.  They then, to my relief, decided to take me back to their home.  Pictured below

Castle (insert Guttural Noise) a sort of Stone age Lallyrock

Trying to adjust to life in the stone age took a bit of getting used to but once I introduced them to proper meat packaging and labeling, shopping for food became a lot easier.

I found that in even the most primitive households, there was a ingenious method of posting messages to each other. Here’s the Stone Age version of facebook.  Grogg posted this on his wall one day after a successful hunt.

spain cave art

Here’s a photo of Grogg standing outside the Dragon’s Cave, waiting to go in and pitch his “new” invention. He was a bit nervous after the previous entrepreneurs, two neandertals, were incinerated when they tried to pitch fire to the Dragon. Stop, Drop and Roll Boys!! Even though they have bigger brains than us humans, they sure don’t use them… Sheesh! Evolve will you!!

caveman in animal skin standing next to a stone wheel

Grogg’s family and I listened intently as Grogg gave his pitch about the wheel. At one point I cringed when I heard. “Why wheel? Pull and Drag no good? We pull and drag!” After a few tense moments, he was able to talk the Dragon around and the wheel was invented!

As interesting as my time in the Stone Age was, I missed the 21 century and decided that it was time to go back to the future. As a parting gift, I was presented with the tool that every Modern Stone Age person shouldn’t be without.

Stone Age Swiss Army Knife

Oh and there’s something I have to confess…. (runs and ducks)

Sorry about Stone Henge…..

The Clan Gathers

And the Clan Gathers

Boy Howdy!  It has been a long time since the clan has been together but news has it that they are all making their way back to Castle Leoch. Most Outlanders spent their time off pursuing their varied interests. Let’s have a wee look at what they’ve been up to.

Here’s to Sam on bagging another mountain whilst in Inverness!

Embedded image permalink

Having an Eggstraordinary Drink!

2014-01-17 22.21.09

And meeting his fans Mathan, Lisa and Marina!

2014-01-31 11.17.35

Notice the overriding theme here?  Thus proving that Sam really does Drink well with others!  I’ll give you an A++ on that and a spot on the Honour Roll for being a totally GREAT guy at Inverness! You have the patience of a Saint! Ahhh you got to love him! You know…. I wish the Pound Shop sold whisky.

Here’s two cheeky chappies drinking their Venti, Mocha, Whisky Lattes

Embedded image permalink

“Pilates? We thought you said Pie and Lattes! My Bad”

The Matt Roberts posted this pic with the caption

“at the place near the thing where we filmed that time”

Embedded image permalink

Ambiguity, What happens in Vagueness stays in Vagueness

For all us book lovers here’s a little book Porn!

Embedded image permalink

Ahhh the stones! Some were more determined to go through than others!

Sinead, you nutter!!

The problem is when going through the stones, you don’t get to choose where you go. The stones choose for you. Now, I don’t know about you but I don’t think I could randomly let two pieces of geology decide my fate. With my luck I’d probably end up in the stone age and be taken in by Grogg, son of Ugh and his hunting gathering family and this ain’t the Flintsones either. Trying to fit in would just be well….


2014-01-31 12.18.31

Fast and Furious, Mesolithic Slide



A visit to Inverness would not be complete without a trip to Loch Ness. We stood there for a good 40 minutes and didn’t see a thing so we had our photo taken by the Loch Ness Sign only to be photo bombed by the Loch Ness Monster! Cheeky Sod!


Emulsion Invades Inverness

Last Night I Dreamt I was in Inverness…

Emulsion invades Inverness. Wait, but it could be Inverness invades Emulsion?  Or maybe it’s all a dream and it didn’t really happen. Or it could be that I’m watching a film? Am I real? Is this real? Blimey I’m so confused. And if you were in Inverness this weekend you’d be confused too!

Emulsion, a psychological thriller, premiered in Inverness on Friday the 24th of January and a host of Outlanders were there to support the film’s writer/director, Suki Singh and star Sam Heughan. Quirky, intense and surreal are words that seem to fall short of describing the film that follows Ronny Maze on his quest to find his missing wife, Isabella after she mysteriously disappears from a multi story carpark. Mr Singh proves himself as the master of smouldering suspense, keeping viewers guessing by raising more questions than he answers until the last few minutes of the film. Emulsion is Suki Singh’s first feature length project, proving that you don’t have to spend millions to make a great film! I Highly recommended it! Bravo Suki!

On to the Heughan!

Sam Heughan

Now we can’t have a review of Emulsion without mentioning the Heughan, can we? Sam put forth a virtually flawless performance as tortured Ronny Maze. With his boyish good looks and his smooth Scottish Accent, liken to a fine single malt, he captivated the audience who sat in complete silence throughout the film. The emotions that he portrayed, described as brooding, intense and introspective were tangible as the audience rode the wave of seemingly disconnected dreamlike segments with him on his quest to find answers about his wife’s disappearance. Sam’s performance was so convincing that he not only played Ronny Maze, he became Ronny Maze physically and in complete contrast to his current role as Red Maned Scottish Warrior Jamie Fraser. Sam’s ability to transform himself totally into a role is striking and confirms my assessment that he is a proper chameleon as an actor.

Well Done Sam! You are destined for great things!

The Evening was made complete by a Q & A with Suki and Sam.

When asked why he cast Sam as Ronny, Suki explained how Sam came to audition for a different role but he was so taken with Sam’s performance that he cast him in the lead.  Later, he was surprised when he learned that Sam didn’t drive, which would actually explain the rubbish parking in the multi story car park  😉

Sam was asked what he liked about working on Emulsion and he said it was great to work with Suki because “Suki is a ‘dude’. Always work with dudes.”

So, throughout the weekend, Suki’s approachable nature and general “Dudeness”, gained him a following of fans from Inverness and around the world who are all looking forward to more!

Embedded image permalink

Here’s Suki being a Dude with his posse Mary Louise, Jackie and Elaine!

Much Much more to come!


WOW! LA, The City of Angels, La La Land, Tinsel Town, Hollywierd, where the sun always shines.  I’ve always wondered where the sun lives as it only comes to the UK a few days a year.   But yesterday, the sun  was definitely shining all over the world because OUTLANDER invaded LA! There was a lot of Buzz about this much awaited fan event and it didn’t disappoint!

This past week, Outlanders from all over made their way to LA and I caught up with a few of them via their Twitter pages.

Here’s Sam a few days ago, taking a relaxing bike ride on an LA beach. He even took a selfie to document the journey and posted it on Twitter.

Embedded image permalink

But unfortunately,everyone knows you should never selfie while cycling!

But don’t be alarmed.  Sam went on to post this selfie with both feet planted on terra firma to say he was OK!

Embedded image permalink

Some say that his first name really is THE.  Some say he wanders around the woods at night foraging for Haggis. Some say he’s terrified of ducks. All we know is, he’s called THE Matt Roberts.

Finally unmasked with Michele Delgado!

Embedded image permalink

Can’t have a shout out to The Matt Roberts without giving one to our favourite Fanilow and Claire hair doppelganger

The Maril Davis!

Pictured with Darcy and Clare. Looking Good Ladies!

Embedded image permalink

I stopped by Donas the Horse Twitter feed and was excited to see that he was able to make the trip to LA too!

Here he is getting settled on the plane, first class horse box!

Embedded image permalink

He even hired Air Horse One! I wonder if they played Hail to the Chief?

Embedded image permalink

 More like Hail to the Thief! This was obviously NOT his first rodeo!

Embedded image permalink

Something isn’t very fresh!

Embedded image permalink

Seriously, you can’t take him anywhere can you Cait?

Sorry, it was the horses, my mistake!

Ron Moore takes his pocket James Fraser with him to LA!

When asked what he would take with him through the stones, Ron replied Penicillin and then added that he would grab Terry and  drag her through the stones with him. Awww! Definitely a keeper!

If I was able to go back through the stones, antibiotics would definitely be one thing I’d take with me, along with pain killers and an impaired sense of smell.

Here’s Darcy, my favourite Scotwitch photobombing Frank and Claire’s visit to Castle Leoch!

Embedded image permalink

Here’s the lovely Ginger Jasper looking all dapper for Outlander Invades LA

Today is Kiss a Ginger Day but Jasper doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about because for him it’s Kiss a Ginger day everyday!

Here’s a big Kiss to you!

Embedded image permalink

The Perfect Storm is Gathering. Get ready to be blown away!


January 6th, 2014

Happy New Year Everyone!

OMG! it’s 2014!  Aren’t we supposed to be riding around in flying cars and have colonies on the moon?  It appears that this century hasn’t lived up to the Orwellian society that was predicted in 1984 either. Still, the internet and the NSA seem to have the Big Brother thing sewn up, even if it was a few decades late.

Before we move on, let’s take a quick, backwards glance at 2013 before be wave farewell and remember some of the highlights!

So what if we don’t have all the space age technological advances yet?  Because this year we’ve been introduced to lots of new words like Twerking, Selfie, YOLO, Meh and Derp.

Speaking of Selfies, here’s one of Sam, Ron and Graham at the Scottish Rugby Match.

Embedded image permalink

And Let’s not forget the internet sensation called the Harlem Shake.

No, on second thought, let’s forget it because it was just weird.

The last Plantagenet King was found!

On February 4. 2013 it was confirmed that the remains found under the Social Services Car Park in Leicester were indeed that of King Richard III. Unfortunately, when he was on his way to sign on to the dole (because he’d just lost his job as King) he fell foul of some medieval ASBOS who told him to sod off or they’d make him, to which Richard replied, “You and whose army?” and the rest is history…

Consequently, Leicestershire County Council in an effort to recoup losses from austerity cuts, presented the Richard III Society with the King’s bill totalling £13,687,500 for 500 years in overdue parking fines because he failed to Pay and Display.

Well Played Richard, Well Played!

richard iii

All joking aside, this was a HUGE find and ended years of speculation about what actually happened to Richard III after the Battle of Bosworth. With this discovery, historians were able to compare myth with scientific data!  Remember, back then, history was written by the winners. Archaeologists can only dream of making this kind of discovery in their lifetime! Absolutely Amazing!

Scottish Tennis Player Andy Murray wins Wimbledon! The First British Man to win the men’s title in 77 years. Now that’s something to celebrate!

Andy Murray became the first British Mens Wimbledon champion since Fred Perry, with a thrilling win over Novak Djokovic.

Lego builds a life size X Wing Fighter! Hmmm Impressive, but some people have way too much time on their hands if you ask me.


And Last but not least…..

Sometime in 2013

While attempting to find signs of life, NASA drew a Penis on Mars!

Ok, enough about 2013, it is done and dusted!  Let’s talk about 2014!!! We may not have Jetpacks, but we’ll have OUTLANDER in the can! Well not actually in a can, but in the figurative can because film isn’t actually film anymore it’s digital and that’s kinda space age, isn’t it?



Embedded image permalink

You’re definitely going to see some in 2014!

This is just a quickie, more to come as Outlanders return to Outlanderville and production resumes!

All the best for you and yours in the New Year!