Outlander, Lord of the Thing

One Thing to Rule Them All!

For those of you who think you know Outlander, think again. There’s a back story that no one has talked about till now…

While I was wandering about through Twitterland, I came across a tweet (as you do), offering an Outlander Relic as a contest prize. Now me being me, I just HAD to have a look.

Contest Thing


So I did the right thing and Retweeted the Thing and then tweeted why I think the Thing should be mine.

Thing Tweet

 Now, I don’t know about you but I don’t remember this Thing being in any of the scenes I’ve seen in Outlander. Remember the UK is in an Outlander Wasteland. (Cue the Tumbleweed.) So, I decided to do some research to see if I could uncover the mystery of the Outlander Thing. The results may surprise you.

In this scene with Claire and Dougal, Claire discovers the Thing behind a log. Wait, you didn’t notice it, me neither!

Claire finds the Thing bigger

And at this point things start getting a bit weird. I mean I can handle the time travel thing and the going through the stones thing and every other thing but THIS Thing kind of scrambles that thing inside my head.

Here, I’ll let Angus explain it.

 Thing for that thing

Well, that’s an understatement if I ever heard one. Moving on, Claire takes the Thing back to Castle Leoch, where she bumps into Geillis Duncan whilst taking her Thing for a wee walk. I mean seriously, who takes Things for a walk? (Look in the basket) I know right! I didn’t notice that Thing either till now!

Geillis and Claire thing

Who wouldn’t be? Am I right? Strange woman appears out of nowhere and things start happening.

Because the McKenzie Clan feel bad for Claire, lost and alone, they invite her to have dinner in the Great Hall on the evening, But, things aren’t what they seem. Have a look.

trying to get me drunk thing

If you think this has become a game of spot the Thing, you aren’t far off! There’s more.

Jamie takes Claire for a walk, he’s trying to see what the thing is about that Thing she carries with her and things, as you would expect, don’t go to plan.

Whilst out on their walk, Jamie and Claire come upon some redcoat deserters who, you guessed it, tried to take Claire’s Thing. Claire kills them. And if things couldn’t get any worse, Jamie decides to take possession of Claire’s Thing for everyone’s safety but Claire tells him a thing or two!

I'm not coming till you give me back my THING!

So, because Jamie feels bad for Claire about that thing that happened with the Thing, he gives it back to her promising he will never try to take her Thing from her again. Awww isn’t that sweet.

outlander thing complete 1

In the  midst of the thing that happened with the Thing and the Redcoats deserters, Jamie tells Claire he needs to go meet a man about some thing that happened at Fort William in order to clear his name. He tells Claire to wait for him in the woods.

Claire Oh so Bored!

Well, Claire being Claire, wanders about the woods and as she steps through out into a clearing, she sees that stone circle thing where she thinks she did that time travel thing from. Desperate to get back to Frank and show him her Thing, she starts to run towards the stone thing on the hill.  Only to be intercepted by BLACK JACK RANDALL.

You guessed it, he’s dying to have a look at her Thing.

Claire and the thing BJR

 GOOD GAWD! Where did this thing come from?

gollum with the thing

Hey and isn’t this the guy from that Crimson Thing? What’s he doing with Claire’s Thing?

Richard Rankin with that thing

Ok, I had to put Richard Rankin in here somewhere.

Now, on with the story. Jamie rescues Claire and her Thing from that Black Jack guy and the McKenzies decide that the only way to keep Claire safe is for her to marry Jamie. Well, he did give her back her Thing and he does think she’s kind of hot even if she is a bit weird.

The Wedding Day

wedding thing

Claire is not happy because someone has taken her Thing and she isn’t in the mood to kill someone on her wedding day!

ron with the thing

Well the thing is, the executive producer has Claire’s Thing…

But all’s well that ends well. Claire and Jamie get married. They do that thing many times and the next morning Claire discovers that Jamie has once again returned her Thing to her. Aww that’s the nicest thing for someone to give you back your Thing.

forget the two rings what's with this thing 2

Stay tuned for the second half of Outlander,

Lord of the Thing coming soon.

outlander-Cropped with water mark

Diana with the Things


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