Outlander Pick Up Lines

As long as men have been pursuing women, they have had to invent all sorts of creative ways of getting noticed. From chest pounding to flashy cars, women knew that getting picked up was a well known hazard throughout history. But forget all that strutting and flailing about, any Lassie with two brain cells to rub together knows that the Pun is not necessarily Mightier than the Sword.  (That wasn’t a typo!)


So let’s have a wee look at the evolution of the cheesiest, most dreaded conversation starters since before and after the invention of cheese.


stone age man

Steady on mate!


bronze age man

 Well, someone had to make that transition!




I’m lost!



roman man




meade hall

We’ve all been there a time or two, haven’t we ladies?


norman man

You are Norman or your name is Norman? I’m confused



medieval knight

Ummm a  short-sword perhaps?


tudor man

My neck is starting to twitch


stuart man

Why didn’t you just say that I needed a Tic Tac, Geez!


Moving on!!

If you survived this far, you might want to be sitting comfortably because as cringe worthy as the previous Pick Up Lines have been, these 18th century ones just might hit their intended target. What? Pickup lines that could actually work? Surely you jest!  Sometimes it’s not the Pick Up Line, but the person who says it…  You be the judge.


Maybe not, but here goes…..




by Luanne Uttley


by Sheila Littleton


by Luanne Uttley

bite lip

by Sheila Littleton

lori mills

by Lori Mills


by Luanne Uttley


by Sheila Littleton


by Luanne Uttley


by Luanne Uttley

at June Hawk

by June Hawk

black jack

by Sheila Littleton

jamie have sex

by @GingerMostly

downtown frank

by @gingermostly


The Following are from Lisa Clark O’Neill @TribeTobias

have a seat





vitamin me




And last but not least, everyone know how much I love Richard Rankin (in a purely platonic way), and because it’s my blog and I can do as I want<g>

Here’s some Richard Rankin Pickup Lines.

richard sweater


Richard doctor

richard hot

And on that note Tra for now!

Have a look at Elizabeth I Online dating profile


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