Telekinesis and what’s that you say?

Ok, I’m not very impressed!

The clocks went forward on Sunday in the UK and my time travel experience was very disappointing…

That explains everything!


THE MATT ROBERTS has reached his 500th Tweet!

 Matt 500

That’s great and we are with you up to the Twitter end mate.  But don’t think you’re on easy Tweet just yet. Yes we’ve appreciated all those Tweet nothings you’ve whispered in our ears and we admit that those Pics of the Day have been right up our Tweet.

But if you could tweet 500 times, then you could tweet 500 more!

matt proclaimers Pic by Marg Davison

Get Busy Man!! Come on now, Tweet on down Tweet on down the road!

 Doctor Doctor I’m addicted to Twitter, I’m sorry, I don’t follow you!

Ok, I’ll stop now.

Word has it that there’s been quite a few sing alongs on set lately so I stopped by Graham Mctavish’s twitter page and saw this.

Monkey's tweet

Here they come, walking down the street….

Creepy mckenzies


the McKenzies!!

 Photo by Marg Davidson

Hey, Hey, Hey…. Hey, Hey, Hey….

Lately, Starz has been tweeting quite a few out of focus shots for an Outlander guessing Game. Now, I don’t know about you but I’m starting to hate these blurred lines….

Blurred lines

 These bird lines

birds on lines

 And these Blurred Limes….

blurred limes

Talk about getting blasted, that straw is plastic.

Embedded image permalink

 Progressive limes Design

Word has it that Caitriona has been riding shotgun with Finnie more and more lately and they are making their own short length film about their Journeys

Driving Miss Balfe

Embedded image permalink

Heard on the set…

Miss Balfe: What are you doing Finnie?

Finnie: I’m trying to drive you to the SET!

Miss Balfe: Can you do those fish lips I taught you for a selfie?

Finnie: Yes’m!

Miss Balfe: You’re my best friend!


I knew these Outlander Drivers were talented but word has it they’ve got SuperPowers!


floating donuts

Watch out for Flying Donuts!

Embedded image permalink

And Camera Trucks!

Embedded image permalink

And Floating Highlanders

Cheers floating jamie

Is there anything these guys can’t do?


Who let the Dogs Out? Who Who Who Who Who

WAIT!!! Terry’s poor little puppy is in Puppy Prison AGAIN! Seems he’s still going through that Cujo stage.

Embedded image permalink

I don’ t know… I can’t really see it. He could only be Micheal Jackson Bad!

Embedded image permalink

Oh There it Is!  No more Espresso for you mate!

Embedded image permalink

And last but certainly not least, Mollie, Dave Stewart’s baby!

Embedded image permalink

Come on Dad!

And that’s all Folks!


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